Center for Therapy and Mediation

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     Before marital problems evolve into legal issues, they are emotional issues that are intrinsically stressful and painful.  When the decision is made to divorce, the ultimate goal is to find peace of mind and develop a sense of security and hope for the future.

     In mediation, the opportunities to reach these goals are increased, as each partner is allowed to explore all potential avenues leading toward reaching a mutual agreement.  The private nature of mediation allows the individuals to settle their family matters within the confines of the family.

     Benefits of mediation include:

     1.  You are non-adversarial partners in decision making.

     2.  You both must mutually agree on solutions to the issues, or there is no agreement.

     3.  Areas of conflict are clarified.  The mediator helps you deal with the conflict and discuss things productively.

     4.  You have the power to control your own decisions about your own lives.

     5.  What is best for your children is always paramount in mediation.

     6.  Mediation is significantly less costly financially and emotionally than the typical adversarial divorce process.