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Divorce Consultation Services

Divorce consultation is an opportunity to have someone by your side every step of the way, before, during and after divorce, providing practical help and emotional support.  Throughout your separation or divorce, you will be more prepared, confident and in control, while saving money and time.  It is a partnership in which we work closely together in order to reach your goals and meet your needs and the needs of your children.

Here is some information about how I work with my Divorce Consultation clients:

You may contact me via my Contact page on my website, or you may call me at 404.550.1870.  At that point, I will share information about my services and how we would work together, as well as answer any further questions about Divorce Consultation.

The first meeting is generally set for two hours, and my preference is to meet face-to-face.  However, if you live in another area (city, state, etc.) and are not within driving distance to my office, I offer Skype sessions, as well.

The first meeting involves:

     *Talking about the details of your situation and circumstances in a strictly confidential setting.

     *Going through the list of questions and concerns that you have about your situation.

     *Taking you through advice, guidance and information relevant to your life, together with the options that you have        available for your next steps.

Follow up meetings involve working together to create and implement a manageable action plan that will meet your needs and work toward reaching your goals.  This will enable you to feel more confident and more in control, while saving you money and time.  We will work closely together every step of the way.