Center for Therapy and Mediation

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     Divorce mediation is an active process in which the mediator helps you identify all of 

the issues that need to be covered in order for you to reach a final agreement.  The 

mediator will help you: determine the costs of living apart; deal with financial support 

issues; work through division of marital assets; make all of the future parenting 

decisions; and deal with any other issues that need to be resolved in order to reach an 

agreement that each of you supports and endorses.  Divorce mediation helps to 

eliminate the painful win-lose atmosphere that is typically part of adversarial divorces. 

This process is ultimately best for your children and your future with your children as 

parents and co-parents.  At the end of this process, the mediator will write 

a Memorandum of Understanding that your attorney will review and incorporate into 

the formal legal documents.